Social Media Management

Identifying the right channels to engage with your audiences, and creating a content strategy which differentiates from your competitors, is stage one of our social media projects. Being on social media is just the start. Whilst social media is ‘free’ , to generate relevant audiences who engage with your brand takes time. Setting objectives at the start helps deliver meaningful results at the end.

I’m on social media what do I do?

Being on social media because your competitors are on there is a common starting point for a lot of companies. Linking social media channels and merely sharing your Instagram posts on Twitter, or sharing Facebook posts on Twitter, is a common starting point. However, all channels require a slightly different treatment to get the best results.

Social media for SEO

People underestimate the value of social media for SEO. Being on social media, if you have strong audience engagement, enhances the social signals used by search engines. Encouraging engagement on your blog or news also provides powerful social indicators which benefits SEO.

Influencer targeting

Sometimes you can’t go straight at your target! Sometimes you need to reach out to the people that influence them. Knowing who those people are and how to find them is key to the success of many social media campaigns.


We do not recommend buying followers, or creating campaigns which solely relies on automated engagement, we believe in 100% organic growth and REAL engagement.

Having a channel strategy and an audience strategy helps produce a better content strategy for social media. As a strategically focused integrated online marketing provider we can also work to produce both social and SEO benefits.

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AUDIENCE MANAGEMENT: Audience analysis, identification and following across social media platforms.

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT: Social media strategy, content generation, scheduling and publishing.

SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING & ENGAGEMENT: Real-time monitoring and engagement with audiences.

MEASUREMENT, REPORTING & ANALYSIS: Measuring ROI from social media, analysing impacts and reporting.