Construction and the Built Environment

Our team has over 18 years experience covering B2B and B2C construction marketing and PR. Our projects include targeting installers, home owners, architects/specifiers, new build developers, and social housing landlords. We also have experience working with work space design and planning, refurbishment and fit out companies, as well as suppliers of building products and solutions (e.g. HVAC, façade engineering and luxury bathrooms).

Work: Includes strategic consultancy, website development, website optimisation, SEO, PPC, content generation (case studies, features and press releases), stakeholder and community engagement, social media scheduling and management, media relations, policy development and reputation management.

Issues: Residential housing is one of the few industries that is consistently of news interest, because it tells the human story and plunges deeply into the heart of community living. It is also perhaps for this reason that HA and developer roles are changing to increasingly be the conduit to the provision of health, care and employment services. Appropriate use of channels for providers however is a common issue, resorting to reactive communication rather than proactive dialogue with their communities.

Similarly, trade suppliers often do not take advantage of integrating appropriate media tools into their communications practices or take the advantage of raising their visibility by expressing expert opinion on market trends, opting rather to invest budgets in paid for advertising, making revenue harder to achieve.

Niche targeting is quite often the case in this sector, perhaps your customers are architects, or facilities managers or installers, we can help you craft messaging which resonates and reaches them using the most appropriate channel mix.

Results: Demonstrable increase in coverage and social media engagement, dramatically increased website visitors whilst reducing bounce rate with careful targeting and optimisation.

  • Increased reputational and social license, with less crisis management.
  • Increased visibility within trade media
  • Measureable increased engagement with stakeholders and conversions – see case studies for further information.

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Our Services Include:

BRANDING & POSITIONING: brand identity & brand development and positioning (Corporate and CEO).

DIGITAL MARKETING: website development, online marketing, email marketing & marketing automation.

SOCIAL MEDIA: social publishing & management, monitoring & reporting, measurement and analysis.

STRATEGY: business, marketing, website, social media, media and campaign planning.

CONTENT GENERATION: online and print generation and distribution.

REPUTATION MANAGEMENT: global corporate or personal reputation monitoring & reporting 24/7/365.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: public / media relations, and stakeholder engagement.