Whether you are targeting an audience in one region, or one country, or whether you have set your sights globally, your website will be the first brand collateral which most customers will interact with. In B2B marketing customers will typically interact with your website long before they have made contact with you. Whilst it is important for a website to reflect your branding, it is even more important that it is effective in achieving your objectives. A website which converts, is far more valuable for a business, than one which simply looks pretty but does not have a lot to say for itself. And we all know how that works out generally in life!

Define your audience

Making sure that the website speaks to customer need is only possible if you know your customer. Thinking about what they will be looking for should not be an after-thought after design.

Clarity of purpose

So you have a website, but what do you need it to do? How will you know if it is meeting your objectives? Setting the goals at the outset and then designing a website which matches those needs, makes life much easier and clearer in the long run.

Measure, Measure and Measure

Knowing your website metrics if you are looking for lead generation is paramount. If your website is purely a brochure site, you still need to know if it is working effectively. If you don’t need a website which works, you could simply upload a photo on your domain! But you have invested in a website, so make sure you know if it is working for you.


First of all, we don’t sell websites in isolation. We sell website projects backed by online marketing for a minimum of 6 months. Analytics and conversion tracking is built into every project we manage and we track, analyse and report every month. We make simply effective websites and then we make sure we are listening to what that website is telling us!

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Our Digital Marketing Services Include:

WEBSITE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT: Design and development from template adaption to custom builds.

ONLINE MARKETING: Driving traffic to your website using search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per-click (PPC) and display advertising.

EMAIL MARKETING: Reach your contacts and prospects using content shared by broadcast emails.

CONVERSION OPTIMISATION & ANALYTICS: Making your website more effective at converting web visitors.

MARKETING AUTOMATION: Turn your website into a business development tool by using personalised automated emails to nurture and convert leads.