Our industrial marketing experience includes working with HVAC, façade engineering, automation and testing, energy and power, mining, and high voltage power engineering companies in UK, Europe and the African continent.

Work: Includes strategic consultancy, website development, content generation, social media training and management, and international business media relations.

Issues: Industrial companies typically need to appeal to very niche audiences, no one buys industrial products or services on a whim. But they could easily buy the services or alternative from a competitor. So remaining visible and being memorable is very important. Because niche products are fulfilling a particular specialist demand, innovation, legislative policy and setting new standards in technology, often drive the position for market leader, share price or a company's value. The marketing objective is to attract, engage and retain, new and existing business, despite often dry subject matter, through an integrated marketing strategy which resonates with the target audience, and delivers content in ‘their language’ which prompts an action.

Results: A clear presentation of information to audiences, including investors and wider stakeholders; strong brand identity, growth in online audiences and website visits, leading to increased enquiries and opportunities – see case studies for further information.

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Our Services Include:

BRANDING & POSITIONING: brand identity & brand development and positioning (Corporate and CEO).

DIGITAL MARKETING: website development, online marketing, email marketing & marketing automation.

SOCIAL MEDIA: social publishing & management, monitoring & reporting, measurement and analysis.

STRATEGY: business, marketing, website, social media, media and campaign planning.

CONTENT GENERATION: online and print generation and distribution.

REPUTATION MANAGEMENT: global corporate or personal reputation monitoring & reporting 24/7/365.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: public / media relations, and stakeholder engagement.