Business & Professional Services

Our experience includes supporting legal, accountancy, insurance, IT/telecoms and facilities management companies and individuals to position themselves as experts in their industry, receive nominations and award accolades, event and exhibition media relations.

Work: Includes social media strategy and implementation, website and search engine optimisation, PPC, case studies creation, award application, B2B event speech writing, exhibition literature and media packs.

Issues: Standing out from the crowd in a crowded marketplace means gaining a market advantage by being distinctive. So not telling your story well is going to impact on your ROI performance, however hard you peddle. Establishing firm business partnerships and peer to peer reputation requires being able to ‘set out your stall’ through a range of mediums each with its own distinctive and appropriate tone. Creating a one size fits all solution to your messaging will not only hold you back from growing but affect your reputation and the business trust you may of already gained.

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Our Services Include:

BRANDING & POSITIONING: brand identity & brand development and positioning (Corporate and CEO).

DIGITAL MARKETING: website development, online marketing, email marketing & marketing automation.

SOCIAL MEDIA: social publishing & management, monitoring & reporting, measurement and analysis.

STRATEGY: business, marketing, website, social media, media and campaign planning.

CONTENT GENERATION: online and print generation and distribution.

REPUTATION MANAGEMENT: global corporate or personal reputation monitoring & reporting 24/7/365.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: public / media relations, and stakeholder engagement.