Our team has years of experience working with international clients in many sectors around the world. Using investigative research skills gained from the sharp end of journalism (2 ex-journalists on the team), we are able to quickly get to the real issues of any company in any sector.

Over the last six years, NYLON Marketing has worked with clients in aviation and aerospace, construction and the built environment, industrial, professional services, education and charities, environmental services, HNW individuals and HNW support.

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Our Sectors Include:

AVIATION & AEROSPACE: B2B or B2C, including sales, manufacturing, engineering, consultancy, brokers or associations.

CONSTRUCTION & THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT: B2B or B2C including luxury products and building supplies.

INDUSTRIAL: B2B, investor and media relations.

BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: B2B or B2C, legal accountancy, insurance and other professional services.

EDUCATION & CHARITIES: local or internationally focused campaigns.

ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES: B2B or B2C local or nationwide targeting.

HNW SUPPORT: providing services for HNW individuals or B2B or B2Ccompanies targeting HNW.