Content is the life blood of marketing. A marketing plan without a content strategy is a bit pointless frankly. Creating a website, but not thinking about what content you can generate to add to the website is also a huge mistake. So many websites have stagnant news pages because no one knows what news they can put on which won’t put everyone to sleep. Being creative with content, and using content to elevate your company’s position, should be the aim of your content strategy. The days of just churning out a newsletter are long gone!

Fit for purpose

Your content needs to meet your customer’s need. Giving the customer the information that they need at all stages of the purchasing cycle is key. Investing money in just one item of content (usually a company brochure), does not help at every stage of the buying cycle. Different content is needed at different stages and perhaps for different customers or buyer segments.

Churning out the same old thing

It is not always possible to have fun with content, but we sure do try! Even the driest of sectors such as industrial engineering or commercial cleaning can benefit from some levity! Adding personality to the content generated aids differentiation and adds to a great story to tell your customers.

Waiting for content

Most companies rely on reactive news for their marketing or PR. Waiting to announce a new contract, a new hire, a new office? But this strategy means that until something happens you have nothing to communicate. This looks even worse if you have added a news feed to the Home page of your website!! Being creative and taking control of your content generation, puts the power and the timing back in your hands.


Content is developed with business objectives, strategy and the ability to create more content in mind. Whether the content is design inspired (adverts), or text based (copywriting), we start from the perspective of how does this help you communicate to your audiences more effectively. Our corporate literature projects aren’t just about replacing images and words to create a very similar brochure that you have had before (or even worse, that your competitor has already developed!), we seek to move things forward; perhaps with unique messaging, maybe adding a meaningful strapline, or using imagery to differentiate your content, we look at the whole picture. It might take longer to produce, we are not a ‘churn it out’ print shop, but what we produce will reflect not just the business you are, but also the business you want to have in the future.

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CONTENT GENERATION: Creating engaging content for case studies, white papers, e-books, brochures, leaflets, magazine, websites, PR and social media.

CORPORATE LITERATURE: Copywriting, messaging and design for all corporate literature including proposition development work.

DIGITAL CONTENT: Creating in-house or customer focused digital magazines and e-books.

TECHNICAL WRITING: Creating memorable stakeholder content for sales, product managers and application engineers based on industry issues.