Sindy Foster

Founder and Managing Director

Sindy is a creative, strategic and analytical, marketing and PR consultant with over 17 years' experience working with an international multi-sector client base. Sindy attended The University of Sussex and has a BA (Hons) degree in Economics, so she comes at marketing with a strategic and commercial focus.

After thirteen years working in barristers chambers in London, Sindy underwent journalism training and started a new career as a copywriter which brought her into the world of marketing. With a natural instinct for marketing, and online marketing in particular, it was only a matter of time before the entrepreneurial spirit struck and Sindy set up an online marketing agency. This agency was reborn as NYLON Marketing in 2016 as part of Sindy's exit from the Shere Marketing Group.

Launching NYLON Marketing gave Sindy an entrepreneurial bug, since launching NYLON Marketing, she launched in 2017 - the world's largest online shopping mall for maximising space in homes. The website features products from 190 UK retailers and has visits from 182 countries around the world. Visit

Sindy is very active in the aviation community and is currently working on a few aviation projects in Nigeria. Visit

Likes: I'd like to not mention shoes, but as my motto is 'Living and loving life, always in heels', I can't help but mention shoes!

Dislikes: We could be here a long time! But I'll pick one - Mendacity.

Career successes: I am target driven, so achieving or exceeding objectives gives me such a high.

Favourite film: I never tire of watching Breakfast at Tiffany's or the Philadelphia Story. Old school glam beats urban grunge any time.

"Starting an agency brand with a blank piece of paper has allowed us to demonstrate our creativity and rethink our strategic focus. I am loving working with a committed team of professional marketers who also want to have fun and enjoy life. Our enjoyment and belief in what we are doing comes across in our work, and I think our clients appreciate our strong work ethic - laced with humour - style of working.... "