We have provided support for Universities, NGO charitable foundations and not-for-profit campaigns.

Work: Includes strategic consultancy, international student recruitment, community engagement programmes, website development, media content development, social media publishing and management, monitoring and reporting, measurement and analysis and media campaign planning.

Issues: The world of education, NGOs and third sector organisations is just as competitive as the B2B community. A lot of institutions merge into one with no clear differentiation or purpose. Not having a clear vision of who you are so people can differentiate your institution from other similar organisations makes your recruitment and awareness drives more difficult. What you stand for, and what you want to achieve is often the first hurdle when seeking to raise visibility.

Results: Achievement of TV, radio, local and national media coverage both in USA and UK, celebrity endorsement, enhanced media relations, digital campaigning using targeted social media - see case studies for further information.

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Our Services Include:

BRANDING & POSITIONING: brand identity & brand development and positioning (Corporate and CEO).

DIGITAL MARKETING: website development, online marketing, email marketing & marketing automation.

SOCIAL MEDIA: social publishing & management, monitoring & reporting, measurement and analysis.

STRATEGY: business, marketing, website, social media, media and campaign planning.

CONTENT GENERATION: online and print generation and distribution.

REPUTATION MANAGEMENT: global corporate or personal reputation monitoring & reporting 24/7/365.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: public / media relations, and stakeholder engagement.