We provide integrated marketing solutions for aviation and aerospace companies. Our knowledgeable team has years of aviation industry experience and are uniquely positioned to provide the most effective and efficient marketing solutions in a competitive sector. Our experience spans B2B & B2C aviation and aerospace marketing and includes work for aviation consultants, aircraft management companies, private aviation operators, air charter brokers, aerospace engineers and manufacturers, and suppliers to the aviation sector.

NYLON Marketing is a member of the NBAA, BACA and other aviation associations in USA and UK.

Work: Includes strategic consultancy, website development, branding and positioning, corporate literature and brochure design, digital collateral development including PowerPoint design and digital magazines, market research, sales letters and PR messaging.

Issues: Customers can be exclusive and elusive. Creating awareness and profile raising amongst influencers, specifiers and end users is a challenge facing all companies within this sector. When there are several competing companies who all appear to do the same thing, crafting your own niche and owning your own space requires strategic determination and creativity. Knowing the press will not get you coverage unless you have something original and newsworthy to communicate, or endless deep pockets to pay for advertising.

Results: Branding and corporate collateral which stands out from the crowd. Global marketing strategy for general aviation supplier. Global marketing strategy for aircraft broker. Regional brand strategy for FBO; and the creation of a memorable brand presence leading to increased online charter enquiries – see case studies for further information.

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Our Services Include:

BRANDING & POSITIONING: brand identity & brand development and positioning (Corporate and CEO).

DIGITAL MARKETING: website development, online marketing, email marketing & marketing automation.

SOCIAL MEDIA: social publishing & management, monitoring & reporting, measurement and analysis.

STRATEGY: business, marketing, website, social media, media and campaign planning.

CONTENT GENERATION: online and print generation and distribution.

REPUTATION MANAGEMENT: global corporate or personal reputation monitoring & reporting 24/7/365.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: public / media relations, and stakeholder engagement.