Person to Person Marketing using Social Media

Most companies have embraced Social Media. It is hard to find a company without a LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook profile, and more increasingly an Instagram profile as well, but it is even harder to find one with a social media strategy….

Entering social media should be a strategic decision based on an assessment of the benefit to the business and the anticipated contribution that social media can deliver for the business. Armed with this information, together with identifying the location of your social media audience (where are they, what are they doing) will help define your following strategy.

The key to effective social media is one which delivers a specific and measurable objective. If you don’t measure how will you know what you have achieved?

From the outset you should decide what are you trying to achieve, e.g. awareness, website visits, enquiries. It is unlikely a strategy which measures likes alone will deliver what the business needs. So choose meaningful social media objective.

Author: Sindy Foster