University of Seychelles - International Student Recruitment

Global online marketing strategy and recommendations

A relatively new academic establishment, the University of Seychelles offers degrees in environment, law and accounting on its Island campus.

The Objective

NYLON Marketing were asked to assist the University of Seychelles (UniSey) to attract and recruit more international students.

The internal marketing team required a detailed analysis and strategic recommendations to actively encourage students from abroad to enrol and take advantage of the campus’ unique geography.

Our Strategy

Prospective international students go through three decision making phases:

  1. Predisposition stage - In the predisposition stage, students make the decision to study in a foreign country.
  2. Search stage - in the search stage students choose a country that interests them, often based on information made available by that country, or through recommendations by friends, family or academic relationships.
  3. The choice stage - the student selects a particular institution. During the choice stage, students receive offers of admission from institutions and then consider the choices available to them and the logistics related to attendance at those institutions, including program quality, cost of living and tuition, and visa requirements for the host country

These include personal or environmental 'push' factors.

Our comprehensive recommendations covered the following areas.

  • Branding and positioning
  • Digital marketing inlcluding website, email marketing and marketing automation
  • Marketing collateral
  • Online advertising
  • Social media

Client Testimonial

NYLON provided us with a robust analysis and report that has enabled our department to actively embark on a recruitment drive, with clear direction. On review of the report and recommendations we have clarified our case for attracting international students and regard the finding as a truly excellent piece of work delivered.”

Michel Denousse, Director of Marketing