MySmallSpace - Digital Shopping Platform for Furniture

The Objective

To design and build a brand new digital shopping platform incorporating innovative solutions, design inspiration and content development.

Post launch to provide strategic, PR and social media activity as needed.

Our Work

MySmallSpace is the first website to tackle the universal problem of increasingly smaller homes by bringing together a large selection of space saving furniture and home accessories products - all in one place. Our work included indepth analysis of the furniture market to identify the gaps and opportunities which exists, the result was a website which focused entirely on the small space market. Our work included

  • Branding
  • Proposition Development
  • Market Analysis
  • Website Design and Conversion Optimisation
  • Content generation
  • Social media management
  • Website updating
  • PR

The Results

  • 130K+ organic visitors to website
  • 300K+page views
  • 130+ retailers on this new entrant to the furniture market
  • Sales have consistently increased month on month

Client Testimonial

"When I came up with the idea of MySmallSpace I was minded to outsource the development to a team with more experience in e-commerce, but the NYLON team were excited about the project and so we kept it inhouse. The team worked hard to understand the concept and to deliver the communications which resonated with a growing audience of both B2B (retailer/advertisers) and B2C (consumers). The creativity, fast paced communications scheduling and planning involved in a consumer project far exceeds what is typically required from working with industrial clients - who are are core. But attention to detail, tight project management and communication across the creative, development, content and social media teams meant milestones were regularly achieved. This learning will serve our core clients well. Never turn a challenge away continues to be the NYLON ethos!"

Sindy Foster, Founder MySmallSpace